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5 Steps Nokia in its heyday

Written By Terselubung Kus on Monday, September 2, 2013 | 10:07 AM

Microsoft has been holding Nokia to move forward together against the competition in the digital age . But, really slow in starting Microsoft including the smart phone market . While Nokia has debuted a mobile phone sales since the 1990s .

At its heyday , Nokia users have always felt satisfied on the handset they use . Nokia had to do some movements that make them popular mobile phones . Here are 5 steps that won the hearts Nokia users :

1 . GSM phones

Nokia creates mobile hits the Nokia 1011 was released in 1992 . At that time , this phone is the only one that can operate with the GSM network .

GSM technology allows the Nokia 1011 mobile phone to make calls from anywhere . At that time , the phone is still limited penggilan padajaringan home phone . Until now, the GSM system is the most widely used mobile system for mobile phones , although already tesedia 3G and even 4G systems .

2 . style

In the 2000s , people feel their identity unwittingly reflected on the type and color of phone they use . This phenomenon is taken Nokia to launch phone that can be customized to the users liking . Glide Nokia 5110 phone as a ' chameleon ' most popular .

The Nokia 5110 is the first phone with a casing that can be changed . Users can customize the color and model of the casing with personality . This is the reason that mobile users fall in love with this one type of Nokia .

3 . Mobile Slider

In its heyday , Nokia is very superior to the design for mobile phones . If the first flip-phone models made ​​by Motorola , Nokia had the idea that the type of mobile phone Nokia 8110 slide with 1998. Apparently, Nokia is inspired from the movie ' The Matrix ' .

4 . Game ' Snake '

Remember the game ' Snake ' is present in all types of Nokia phones first ? This simple game once very popular and there is for Nokia phones only . Its emergence in 1998 was made ​​a Nokia phone users hooked on the game ' Snake ' .

5 . Windows Operating System

Nokia is the first mobile phone that collaborated with Microsoft to create a smart phone paada in 2011 . Nokia switching to Windows operating systems to the system default for the class of smart phones .

Collaboration between the two companies , achieved sales of 7.4 units of Windows phones in the second quarter of 2014 . Although still less than Andorid and iOS phones , Nokia should not be underestimated . Let's wait what the next innovation of the joint Nokia and Microsoft to gain praise from users .
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