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Ten Types of Friend to Avoid

Written By Terselubung Kus on Sunday, September 1, 2013 | 10:04 AM

Ten Types of Friend to Avoid
During at least the last two decades , in almost all stages of age , I have a friend and companion to accompany live . I have a friend in elementary school , junior high school friends , high school friends and other friends , but there is a friend who accompanied me for almost nineteen years . All depends on what time I was going through.

As far as I remember , I love all my friends . And even though my friends were different during the school year , at a certain point there's always one ( or two , or sometimes three ) specific person who holds the title BFF ( best friend forever ) - although perhaps elementary school when the word ' forever ' sound too long .

Well , like all kinds of relationships , relationships with friends sometimes do not go smoothly . Because the name of women ( at any age ) , would never be drama , wishy - washy , bitchy , and annoying , which is not a combination that want everyone to feel. Believe me, the ups and downs of friendships among women (both good and bad , upside and downside ) as if it could make a political drama in Indonesia is one level below .

Not to mention the fact that her friendship really easy to explode . One-one little word can trigger a cold war . Until I 've read a joke that says that if all the countries in the world have a woman as its leader , when there is a problem , probably would never be war as a solution. There is only the countries that do not speak to each other .

Meanwhile, if I notice , male friendship is much simpler - and I feel that it's the simplicity factor that sometimes women do not exist in friendship . For example , if there is one left fit lunch , men may be looking for another friend for lunch or catch up without much complaint . But women ? Surely grumble once in the beginning , with a tone of disappointment , and then sulk . Sure, sometimes I admit that basically she does have seeds as a drama queen .

In my opinion , it's friendships basically should be mutually beneficial to each other .. Not advantageous in the context of the material , but rather to support emotionally . Attachment that makes the sweet bitterness of the world we live lighter because it knows nothing accompany our steps when walking . Because , what is more depressing than not having a friend to share the sad and happy ?

Therefore , instead of spending energy and time in a toxic friendship , we mengakhirnya better - for our own good . This is some kind of friend that I think we do not need in life - changing because it is usually the positive energy that we have to be negative because energy is constantly eating liver . Oh , applies to female friends and men .

1 . Friends are always canceling appointments at the last minute ( halooo , who had urgent business was not just elo .... )

2 . A friend who is always complaining about her love relationship but refused to leave and get out of the relationship ( note : this applies also to the work ) .

3 . Friends who only contacted if the need ( HA! doubt many who have friends like this ) .

4 . Friends who call just to tell us the problem and we absorb energy like a vampire sucking blood .

5 . Friends who seem happy when bad things happen to us ( maybe he would not dare to show that much expression directly in front of us , but usually we have a feeling , right? )

6 . Friends who to tag embarrassing photos of us on Facebook ( pfiuuuhh , fortunately I do not have a Facebook account )

7 . Friends who feel delalu true ( I never felt done wrong , never admit that he made ​​a mistake , can not ask for forgiveness , and felt that he - and nothing about him is perfect ? LEF only) .

8 . Friends featuring an expression of surprise or disgust at the sight of our shameful behavior ( heeeiii , everyone could have had embarrassing moments - and make mistakes in life . Empathy so little ... )

9 . Friends are very competitive and do not want to lose at anything ( can not let us tell you about anything, without reply to the stories about him are more things than us ) .

10 . Friends with negative aura that just look at all things in this world of ugliness ( eh tired you know has a friend like this , if not smart , we 'll be dragged and trapped kenegatifannya believe that there is a conspiracy that make our lives miserable ) .

Anybody want to add a question ?

Lastly, before you judge someone else , perhaps we should also take time to look in the mirror to reflect yourself : lest we also become one of your friends like the ones in the list above .
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